Thursday, March 26, 2009

LNS: March 12

Last LNS of Winter Term and second to last LNS of college (for me)!

Lots of crazy people went to this LNS. There was one crazy lady who yelled at Nick because he wasn't the queen of the chairs or something, it was great. 

Drexel's comedy class was the feature and they were funnier than anyone could've imagined. 

The end. 

Monday, March 9, 2009

LNS: March 5

We didn't actually have LNS on March 5th because Habijam needed our sound guys or something, but I have to give a presentation in ten minutes about the use of food as a metaphor for loss of identity in Jhumpa Lahiri's thing whatever and I'm about to throw up, so I'm trying to get my mind off of it. Blogging is our generation's meditation. You can quote that when I become a famous blogger. 

So what can I say. It was warm out this weekend, that's nice. I'm looking forward to the nights when I get to walk to LNS in daylight without ten pounds of clothing on, still shivering. Maybe even more people will show up to the shows since they won't have to brave the cold. I hope not too many more, though, because I don't like people. 

Thursday's show is the last show of Winter Term. We already have some cool acts lined up for next term. I haven't been paying attention in the meetings, though, so I'm not really sure who those acts are. I think Josh's band is one of them. Maybe even the first one. They're great. They're like Jon's band meets Matt's band

I'm going to talk about another thing I write right now. It's called Kelly Conaboy Saves the World and it comes out every Thursday at When Falls the Coliseum. It's not that good yet, but I imagine that it will get good very soon. I'm a very talented writer. 

I literally feel like I'm going to throw up/have a heart attack. I hate public speaking. Why can't I just blog about it. Here's the deal, I was supposed to come up with a thesis thing for something by some author from America after 1945. Sure that sounds easy at first. "There are so many authors in that range," you might think. Or, "Just do something, it isn't hard." But oh. You are wrong. I had no idea what to do and waited until literally the last day (today) to give my presentation. And I'm doing it on food? It's so stupid. I just want to fast forward time. 

I don't know what else to say, guys. The moment of time is upon me. By the time you read this, I will be finished. Maybe dead. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

LNS: February 26

Hello faithful (fateful) readers!

One thing I forgot to mention in my three-year recap was that a ton of people are coming to Late Night Series every week now, both to perform and to watch. I think it's because of the addition of tea, tablecloths, hot chocolate, and candy. But, as a result of this, the coffee always runs out and sometimes people are like, "Make more!" and I'm like, "What? No, I don't want to." And they're like, "It's your only job!" And I'm like, "Ugh, I hate LNS." But then I do it (sometimes) and the show goes on and I go back to loving* LNS.

Last night's show was no different. Way too many people came. So many that we had to turn away some people who wanted to perform at the end because it was, like, 10:50 and Lenny was like "We can fit, you know, six more in." But of course we could not, and we made him tell them to come back next time. Will they? Maybe. 

But the people who DID perform were definitely shades of good. And the feature, JOHN "FREAKIN'" FAYE, was AMAZING. He's in the band Ike, to whom I just linked, but he was playing solo. He ALSO teaches a songwriting class at Drexel University and is beloved by all of his students. He is also beloved by me, a non-student. He is awesome. Awesome enough that I would embed a YouTube video of him. He is funny at the beginning of it. Check it out. 

Wasn't he funny at the beginning? Love him. 

So I know you guys come here for the inside scoop so let me break some down for you:
  • Because Drexel is putting on some dumb play or something (real talk) our stage pieces had to be moved to the basement. Which means we had to carry them up from the basement. Those things are heavy! 
  • I bought ice cream at the beginning and didn't have a spoon so Christina Papi found these huge tongs and then Jon Niles tried to break them in half but couldn't so he just bent the one half straight up and it was perfect. Talk about scoop.
  • We've run out of good candy but we still have these Werther's Orignals things and when I saw them I thought, "Gross, no one likes these," and then Jon came up and was like, "I love these!!!" 
  • Next week there is no LNS because Habijam is happening. 

Ok, that went poorly. I thought there would be more inside scoop than there actually was. 

So uhhh, what else about the show....

Ronnie Long was back, but because we ran out of time at the end he could only do a few jokes. He said he was auditioning for "Who's got jokes?" this week, which should work out well for him because he has jokes. 

Before him a bro played "Purple Rain." 

And, uh, that's it!

*Love spending time with it, at least. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LNS: January 22-February 19

I'm totally sick of everyone telling me to write this blog (I get it, I'm really entertaining), so here's a recap of the past, like, two and a half years during which I have not written. And then I'll post a new post about last night's. Ok, here we go:

Feb 19: Andrew Lipke was our feature this night. He was great. He wore glasses until he was onstage and then he took off his glasses. Then when he was finished playing he put them back on again. What I have to say to you, Andrew, is that we all think you're handsome even with your glasses on.  

Feb 12: Warren, LNS-fave poet, featured this week. He made literally everyone feel very awkward, but he was perfect and great anyway. Also, I think this was the week that the kid who tells amazing jokes came and did this long, amazing pokemon poemjoke. Poemkejoke. It may have been a rapjoke. Also, this was my last LNS before turning 22. Happy birthday, Kelly!!!! 

Feb 5: Late Night Series' third birthday! Happy birthday, LNS!

You get the deal, right? We had cake and a pinata and decorations. It was great. Also, our favorite ska group On Display celebrated with us as our feature. What they didn't play: Happy birthday. Wtf, guys?

Jan 29: A Little Affair's Ben Hughes featured this week. I did not attend. No offense, Ben, but Hell's Kitchen was premiering that night. Who could blame me? (Nick Anselmo.)

Jan 22: (I found this in my saved drafts. Apparently I was planning on writing a blog for this week, but the blog entry pertains to the week or two weeks previous to my writing. I'm about as good at blogging as I am at, uh, everything else.) 
So a few weeks ago we had a pretty good LNS. We did not have a feature because people are total slackers (Lenny and POST MIDNIGHT, WTF), but we did have some great acts

First, Gus and Jeff from President Jon Niles' band the Levee Drivers played a few new songs. They were great. And for their last song they played their all-time greatest song "Quarter to Three." Everyone* clapped and sang along. 

Also, this guy who plays this amazing instrument was there. His instrument is called the hang drum. It's pronounced "hung." It's like an inverted whatchamacall. Anyway, it was great. And he's great. 

That's all I (she) wrote. But I bet a ton of other things happened. 

So that's it, guys. I promise to write a blog every week now. I really do. 

*Maybe only me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LNS: January 15

So many more people came to LNS last week, guys. Totally got my hope. So many, in fact, that I had to refill the coffee about 2/5ths of the way through the show and burnt myself really badly*
Other than that, though, the show was great. And not just great in the way that Conan O'Brien or Post Midnight say every show is 
great -- actually great. It started off with the beloved Sonni Shine, whom we hadn't actually seen at LNS in a long time. Her songs are way too good for LNS. I'm listening to her right now. 

A bunch of new people played, too. One duo was Kelly Carvin and Sarah Lightman, who I guess are from LNS New Jersey, which I refuse to believe actually exists. So do I believe they actually exist? I guess so, but only because the Facebook messaged me to ask if they could play. And I definitely know Facebook exists. 

Luke Giordano did stand-up. But who cares, right? 

The incomparable Dylan Jacobus played a few songs and has a huge jewfro. Is that ok to say? 

Our feature for last Thursday was the adorable Dan Wythoff, who was much better than I expected him to be. We're doing this thing at LNS now where different people are in charge of the features for each week and last Thursday was mine and Matt's week. And I use the term "mine" very loosely. Basically the extent to which I participated in choosing the feature was saying "no" to a text message from Matt which read "I found a feature. Do you care who it is?" But anyway, he was great and I'm proud to have had my name falsely attached to his getting found. 

LNS favorite Justin David closed out the show, I think. First he played a song with a girl whose name I promised myself I'd remember but now forget. Anyway, they did a cover of "Hey Ya." An acoustic cover. And then next Justin David talked about Marley and Me and very sincerely professed his feeling about how messed up it was that the dog died at the end, which he had just learned from his friend. It was hilarious and adorable. Also, spoiler alert. 

So, uh, I guess that's it. Talk to you guys later. 

Please come to the show tomorrow, if anyone is reading this.

*Not that badly but it really hurt. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LNS: January 8


You know what I hate? When people say "Happy New Years." Like, what do you even think you're saying?

Anyway, it's schooltime again and you know what that means -- Late Night Series!
We started off the term with a bang on Thursday. And by "a bang" I mean nobody came except our friends and nobody performed except, like, Josh and then we ended early. BUT we did have CANDY and HOT CHOCOLATE and TEA in addition to our old standby COFFEE, which were all consumed by the LNS staff because, as I said, we were the only ones there.

Josh was great, though. And we had three comedians: Ronnie Long, Andy Kabel, and Some Hilarious Kid. The hilarious kid told jokes like this: "What's the deal with microphones? What's so micro about them anyway? And who put a phone in there?" It was awesome.

So uhhh what else. Oh, there was another new thing: tablecloths. Black and red ones. It's a fancy new year, guys; get used to it already.

I hope more people come to the show tomorrow.

Love you guys.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

thx j

Thanks to my future husband John Christon for the great new cheesy logo/name. And uhh, I'm sure I'll update about something at some point.
Big stuff happening, guys.