Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LNS: January 8


You know what I hate? When people say "Happy New Years." Like, what do you even think you're saying?

Anyway, it's schooltime again and you know what that means -- Late Night Series!
We started off the term with a bang on Thursday. And by "a bang" I mean nobody came except our friends and nobody performed except, like, Josh and then we ended early. BUT we did have CANDY and HOT CHOCOLATE and TEA in addition to our old standby COFFEE, which were all consumed by the LNS staff because, as I said, we were the only ones there.

Josh was great, though. And we had three comedians: Ronnie Long, Andy Kabel, and Some Hilarious Kid. The hilarious kid told jokes like this: "What's the deal with microphones? What's so micro about them anyway? And who put a phone in there?" It was awesome.

So uhhh what else. Oh, there was another new thing: tablecloths. Black and red ones. It's a fancy new year, guys; get used to it already.

I hope more people come to the show tomorrow.

Love you guys.

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