Friday, October 10, 2008

LNS: October 9

See, this update is way (kind of) timelyer.


I'm kidding, we didn't actually break any records, but it was PRETTY GOOD.

There were a few notable moments. The first that comes to mind was this group of guys who played this song that may or may not have been called "Voodoo Child." I don't think any of them were Jimi Hendrix, but that only put them at a slight disadvantage because one of them was still a guitar player and they were all alive. Anyway, they were ridiculous. The guitar player soloed the whole time, WHICH I HATE, but instead of hating it this time I LOVED IT. And the singer had a ton of hair.

Another great moment came from the cello player/frontman of Dejesus. For some reason we put him on last, so by that time I was like "ugghh, I wanna go homeee." But when he started playing I was like, "ugghh, this is grreeaat." His band is actually going to be the feature tomorrow night. So if any of you who read the blog (Matt) want to, like, see them or whatever, you should totally come.

The feature for last week was Mike Bell and the Tom Hanks. It was a guy, he played guitar, he brought friends. It was good. Then we ran into him at a bar on Friday night. It was embarrassing for everyone involved. I took this picture of him there:

Uhhh, what else. Luke Giordano did comedy. He does it every week. "I'm here every week, folks." He could say that if he wanted to.

So every Thursday I send out these Facebook messages telling people to come to LNS. They're always really great -- funny, informative, etc. -- but I was never sure if they actually brought people out to the show. But last week, and I hope Nick Anselmo is reading this, one guy ACTUALLY ATTRIBUTED MY MESSAGE TO HIS BEING THERE BEFORE HE STARTED PLAYING. So, you know, next time anyone thinks the only things I contribute to LNS are these self-indulgent blog entries, I'd have to ask them to THINK AGAIN PLEASE.

Well, I hope to see you all (Matt) tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LNS: September 18 and 25


Ok, well, welcome back three weeks ago. BUT WELCOME BACK TO THE BLOG! 
First, I would like to say hello to NEW LATE NIGHT SERIES PRESIDENT JON NILES! 
I know what you're thinking -- "Jon Niles? Kelly, why aren't you president?" Believe me, EVERYONE is wondering the same thing. I guess it's just because Late Night Series is not a democracy -- it is not a place where everyone gets together and votes for the prettiest, funniest, and (therefor) best person for the job. It is, rather, a plutocracy*. Except in LNS wealth is not measured monetarily. It is measured in how many rock/blues/country bands you're in. Since Jon Niles is the only person in a band like this, he holds all the wealth and was the only eligible candidate. 

Speaking of Jon Niles' band, The Levee Drivers, they were the feature for the welcome back show! (I wonder how they got that gig.) They were very good. I take back everything** horrible I've ever said about them. 
We had a bunch of new people perform and an even bigger bunch of new people come to watch. It was exciting. 

We also had a show on September 25th. Even though we had a show the week before, it was kind of the official "welcome back show." I don't know why. 
To encourage people to "come out and play," we didn't have a feature. Surprisingly, this worked. A ton of people came and some of them were even good. 

Once again I know what you're thinking. "Hey Kelly, this all seems pretty general. Can you give us some specifics about these shows?"

Short answer: No.
A little bit longer answer: It's, like, three weeks later. I don't remember. 

I promise this week I'll give a better, more timely update. 

We also had a show on October 2nd. 

I'm sorry.

*Only other form of government I can think of.
**Not everything.