Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LNS: January 15

So many more people came to LNS last week, guys. Totally got my hope. So many, in fact, that I had to refill the coffee about 2/5ths of the way through the show and burnt myself really badly*
Other than that, though, the show was great. And not just great in the way that Conan O'Brien or Post Midnight say every show is 
great -- actually great. It started off with the beloved Sonni Shine, whom we hadn't actually seen at LNS in a long time. Her songs are way too good for LNS. I'm listening to her right now. 

A bunch of new people played, too. One duo was Kelly Carvin and Sarah Lightman, who I guess are from LNS New Jersey, which I refuse to believe actually exists. So do I believe they actually exist? I guess so, but only because the Facebook messaged me to ask if they could play. And I definitely know Facebook exists. 

Luke Giordano did stand-up. But who cares, right? 

The incomparable Dylan Jacobus played a few songs and has a huge jewfro. Is that ok to say? 

Our feature for last Thursday was the adorable Dan Wythoff, who was much better than I expected him to be. We're doing this thing at LNS now where different people are in charge of the features for each week and last Thursday was mine and Matt's week. And I use the term "mine" very loosely. Basically the extent to which I participated in choosing the feature was saying "no" to a text message from Matt which read "I found a feature. Do you care who it is?" But anyway, he was great and I'm proud to have had my name falsely attached to his getting found. 

LNS favorite Justin David closed out the show, I think. First he played a song with a girl whose name I promised myself I'd remember but now forget. Anyway, they did a cover of "Hey Ya." An acoustic cover. And then next Justin David talked about Marley and Me and very sincerely professed his feeling about how messed up it was that the dog died at the end, which he had just learned from his friend. It was hilarious and adorable. Also, spoiler alert. 

So, uh, I guess that's it. Talk to you guys later. 

Please come to the show tomorrow, if anyone is reading this.

*Not that badly but it really hurt. 

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