Friday, February 27, 2009

LNS: February 26

Hello faithful (fateful) readers!

One thing I forgot to mention in my three-year recap was that a ton of people are coming to Late Night Series every week now, both to perform and to watch. I think it's because of the addition of tea, tablecloths, hot chocolate, and candy. But, as a result of this, the coffee always runs out and sometimes people are like, "Make more!" and I'm like, "What? No, I don't want to." And they're like, "It's your only job!" And I'm like, "Ugh, I hate LNS." But then I do it (sometimes) and the show goes on and I go back to loving* LNS.

Last night's show was no different. Way too many people came. So many that we had to turn away some people who wanted to perform at the end because it was, like, 10:50 and Lenny was like "We can fit, you know, six more in." But of course we could not, and we made him tell them to come back next time. Will they? Maybe. 

But the people who DID perform were definitely shades of good. And the feature, JOHN "FREAKIN'" FAYE, was AMAZING. He's in the band Ike, to whom I just linked, but he was playing solo. He ALSO teaches a songwriting class at Drexel University and is beloved by all of his students. He is also beloved by me, a non-student. He is awesome. Awesome enough that I would embed a YouTube video of him. He is funny at the beginning of it. Check it out. 

Wasn't he funny at the beginning? Love him. 

So I know you guys come here for the inside scoop so let me break some down for you:
  • Because Drexel is putting on some dumb play or something (real talk) our stage pieces had to be moved to the basement. Which means we had to carry them up from the basement. Those things are heavy! 
  • I bought ice cream at the beginning and didn't have a spoon so Christina Papi found these huge tongs and then Jon Niles tried to break them in half but couldn't so he just bent the one half straight up and it was perfect. Talk about scoop.
  • We've run out of good candy but we still have these Werther's Orignals things and when I saw them I thought, "Gross, no one likes these," and then Jon came up and was like, "I love these!!!" 
  • Next week there is no LNS because Habijam is happening. 

Ok, that went poorly. I thought there would be more inside scoop than there actually was. 

So uhhh, what else about the show....

Ronnie Long was back, but because we ran out of time at the end he could only do a few jokes. He said he was auditioning for "Who's got jokes?" this week, which should work out well for him because he has jokes. 

Before him a bro played "Purple Rain." 

And, uh, that's it!

*Love spending time with it, at least. 

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