Monday, March 9, 2009

LNS: March 5

We didn't actually have LNS on March 5th because Habijam needed our sound guys or something, but I have to give a presentation in ten minutes about the use of food as a metaphor for loss of identity in Jhumpa Lahiri's thing whatever and I'm about to throw up, so I'm trying to get my mind off of it. Blogging is our generation's meditation. You can quote that when I become a famous blogger. 

So what can I say. It was warm out this weekend, that's nice. I'm looking forward to the nights when I get to walk to LNS in daylight without ten pounds of clothing on, still shivering. Maybe even more people will show up to the shows since they won't have to brave the cold. I hope not too many more, though, because I don't like people. 

Thursday's show is the last show of Winter Term. We already have some cool acts lined up for next term. I haven't been paying attention in the meetings, though, so I'm not really sure who those acts are. I think Josh's band is one of them. Maybe even the first one. They're great. They're like Jon's band meets Matt's band

I'm going to talk about another thing I write right now. It's called Kelly Conaboy Saves the World and it comes out every Thursday at When Falls the Coliseum. It's not that good yet, but I imagine that it will get good very soon. I'm a very talented writer. 

I literally feel like I'm going to throw up/have a heart attack. I hate public speaking. Why can't I just blog about it. Here's the deal, I was supposed to come up with a thesis thing for something by some author from America after 1945. Sure that sounds easy at first. "There are so many authors in that range," you might think. Or, "Just do something, it isn't hard." But oh. You are wrong. I had no idea what to do and waited until literally the last day (today) to give my presentation. And I'm doing it on food? It's so stupid. I just want to fast forward time. 

I don't know what else to say, guys. The moment of time is upon me. By the time you read this, I will be finished. Maybe dead. 

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